A shared vision brought to you by Orion Stang of Dilécta Wines and Richard Crockett of Ladrón Cellars.

Emercy Wines strives to achieve excellence through our deep commitment to the highest quality fruit and respect for the beauty inherent to the vineyard. 

Our devotion to the notion of  “sense of place” embodies the essence of grapes grown sustainably and honored for their purity. Our philosophy is to produce wines with minimal intervention, thus allowing our fruit to be what it was destined to be based on how and where it was grown. 

We believe the combination of qualities, such as terroir, farming practices, and patience exemplifies wine that pleases the aesthetic senses, particularly the nose and palate.

The partnership of Emercy Wines in Paso Robles and Ladrón Cellars in Colorado allows us to introduce wine lovers to multiple regions, styles and methods of production creating exciting tastings in multiple locations. We can’t wait to see you in our tasting room!



At Emercy, we strive to obtain access to the most highly sought-after vineyards on the Central Coast of California. These vineyards each have their own unique terroir, which create a diverse combination of flavors and characteristics in each wine we produce. We all share a commitment to organic and sustainable farming and an absolute drive for quality. These vineyards shape our vintage and bless us with the beautiful wines we hope you all enjoy. 

Willow Creek District – Paso Robles​

One of my favorite vineyards on the Central Coast, owned and farmed by Connor and Rebecca McMahon.  I first met Connor at Booker Vineyard, where we scoured the hillsides, sweat drenched, changing irrigation valves and hoeing weeds together. “The good ole days.” Full Draw is located next to Booker Vineyard.  

BIEN NACIDO – Santa Maria Valley  

I made my first couple of vintages in the back of Herman Story, circa 2012-2013. If it wasn’t for Russell and Vailia  From, I might have never made wine, let alone source from Bien Nacido Vineyards. I’m very grateful for my experience and the Froms’ willingness to help me achieve my dream. The Bien Nacido Syrah they made was etched in my memory and I had to get my hands on some. After a short waiting list, I still remember the day I got my first acre of Syrah. 


Willow Creek District – Paso Robles

Bill Gibbs, owner of G2 Vineyard, had a dream – he wanted to produce some of the BEST fruit possible and he achieved that goal. G2 sits not too far from Full Draw, just a little further south off 46 West. Bill strives for greatness out at G2 and he has handpicked his roster of winemakers that have the ability to work with the fruit he preciously grows. We are honored to be amongst the few that source from G2 Vineyard. 


Willow Creek District – Paso Robles

If it wasn’t for Anthony Yount (The Royal NoneSuch) introducing me to Kent (Owner of Crack Creek) vineyard, we might have never connected. Thanks Anthony! A unique site, being only 3 acres and a stone’s throw away from G2 Vineyard. Nicknamed Crack Creek because of the former behavioral habits that used to rummage the property. We currently source Zinfandel and Grenache from the estate, but they have recently planted Mourvèdre  and Syrah for us as well. 


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Paso Robles, California


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