Emercy Wines was born out of a passion for the art and science of winemaking and the bonds of friendship such an endeavor can create.


Orion Stang

Co-Founder / Winemaker

Winemaker, Orion Stang grew up in the Central Coast surrounded by a family of bohemian artists and free spirits. Exposed to wine culture growing up, Orion was intrigued by the enriching relationship between food and wine. After culinary studying in Italy and working in Napa, Stang undertook the grueling testing to obtain his Court of Master Sommelier level two credentials. That decision kicked off a career encompassing learning every job in the field and winery, a handful of labels, some his and some as a consultant, and culminated in a partnership to build Emercy Wines. 

Richard Crockett

Co-Founder / Business Operations

Winemaker, Richard Crockett began his career in the information technology industry, building and selling several successful companies over the years. On a road trip from L.A. to San Francisco, he made an unlikely stop in a small Central Coast town that would change everything. In a small tasting room called Paso Underground, Richard met Orion and was introduced to the beauty and creativity of central coast winemaking.  

The Story Continued…

The two collaborated on Richard’s wine passion project all the while Orion was building the Dilécta brand and defining his vision. As it turned out that Vision became the partnership between Stang and Crockett in the form of a new label, Emercy Wines.

Two winemakers with a shared love of the vineyard and the vine created a welcoming place for a wine novice and the oenophile alike. Our staff looks forward to making your trip to Emercy Wines one you will not forget. 


Our labels and tasting room art feature original artwork created by Orion’s uncle, artist Harry Wick and his mom, artist Betty Wick.
Harry Wick

Harry Wick studied at Ohio University focused on photography, sculpture and painting. Working professionally in Architecture and Design, he has always remained passionate about creating and selling art. He describes his philosophy as:

            Emotion is expressed through motion.

            Motion is expressed through emotion. 

            Those magic moments are my inspiration.

Betty Wick

Betty Wick’s work has been preserved by private collectors from around the world and displayed in national and international galleries.  

Her alluring characters, fantasy landscapes and scenes as absorbing as her intriguing spirit define her passion for art.

Betty creates honesty out of light and color that sheds illumination into a dreamscape world. 

Betty Emercy photo